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Tailor them to the Audience

Depending on your school, organization or the campaign you’re undertaking, we’ll customize our workshop as well as the presenters to cater to the theme and topic. This way we are able to fulfill your requirement and educate students about that particular topic, as well as showcase to them methods of involvement, possible solutions, as well as a framework for how they can operate to resolve key issues.

Focus on the Larger Picture of Volunteering

Instead of the status-quo where students struggle and hate doing their volunteer hours, we work to educate students on the larger picture of volunteering, which includes volunteering for their interests, skills they’d like to develop as well as the issues they’d like to tackle in their communities.

Target All-Round Student Development

As well as volunteering, our workshops deploy a holistic approach to student development where we focus on academics, community engagement, youth councils, youth entrepreneurship etc. Our goal is to focus on building a robust student community that is engaged in all dimensions of interactive education.

Giselle Hinds presenting at a workshop
Janelle Hinds presenting at a workshop
Janelle Hinds presenting at a workshop

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