Thank you to everyone that attended our webinar. We hoped you learned a lot.

If you could not make it, no worries!





You can access a recording of the webinar on YouTube.

We started off talking about Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC) and then talked about Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities (PCYO). There are helpful hints throughout the presentation. As a result, we recommend listening to both sections.

Next Steps

Here is the presentation we used in the video.

There are links on the “Before you start” slides with templates for MSAC and PCYO applications. Click on the link and copy and paste into a new Google Doc/Word.

We will be helping edit applications. Please send us an email with the Subject: “MSAC Help” or “PCYO Help”. Please include a link to a Google Doc with Editing permissions in the body of the email. Make sure to tell us your name, your school and city.

Do not wait until the last minute for this!

If you have any other questions, email us. We will also be updating the blog with FAQS.


This week we will be sending a message regarding evaluation. One will be a Google Form and the other will be conducted by the Student Commission of Canada. We cannot stress how important this is for our team. We will need this to maintain our funding and continue work like this.

For more information about these councils, check out our previous blog:

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