A date has been set!

We will be hosting our “Applying to Youth Councils” webinar on January 2nd at 3pm.

We will be using YouTube Live/Google Hangouts and will send the link tomorrow.

If you haven’t signed up, please fill in this Google Form so we know which councils you are interested in.

Why attend our webinar?

We have been compiling tips from former and current members on both Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities and Minister’s Student Advisory Council. We also have tips from one of the original educators that created MSAC.

After the webinar, we will provide support to complete out your application. If you cannot make the webinar, we can still provide support, please fill out the Google Doc so we can get in contact.

What is MSAC and PCYO?

The Minister’s Student Advisory Council is a group of approximately 60 students ( in grade 7-12) from all parts of the publicly funded education system and regions across the province.

These students share their ideas and provide advice to the minister on a variety of topics regarding Ontario’s publicly-funded education system. MSAC is a place where all students have a voice and where they will be heard.

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, January 10, 2018 midnight, EST.



The Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities is a permanent, advisory body to government. The council gives advice to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Children and Youth Services on issues affecting youth, including how the government can improve programs and services for youth.

Applications are accepted year round. Anyone interested in applying must submit an application by January 19, 2018, to be considered in time for the 2018-2019 PCYO.


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